Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Absolutely Outstanding DMN chat with JD

WOW just WOW - great stuff. Highlights from the DMN chat:

El Duque's going to take some time to get ready. He's throwing well on the side but not yet in game shape. Unlikely to be a real consideration before mid-to-late July at the earliest.

It shouldn't have any longterm impact on Justin's career, but oblique's can be nagging so we're going to keep him shut down until the symptoms are completely gone. Today's medical report was positive and hopefully he'll be back on the field soon.

We challenged Chris before the last road trip - Ron sat him down the last 2 days against Oakland, Rudy worked with him - and he's responded. Is it perfect yet? No, he needs to continue to improve. But he's been better since then - using the opposite field more, making more contact. Young players can be frustrating at times, but we can't commit to playing the kids and then bail on them when they struggle. The big leagues aren't easy.

There's a cohesiveness to the staff that I haven't previously seen in my time here. Mike and Ron work closely together. Mike & Hawk do too, since Hawk's with the pitchers almost as much as Mike is. And I believe the players really enjoy the staff as well. It's been one of the nice back-stories to the first 2 months of the season.

Quickest may have been Joselo Diaz for Matt Stairs (you said quickest, not biggest) - one phone call about 5 minutes before the trade deadline and we were looking for a LH bat on the bench. Longest? Maybe Hamilton-Volquez. 3 or 4 months of conversations with Wayne Krivsky.

It wasn't about Purke vs Miller - that's a media creation I believe. Matt being left handed helped, but we just liked the whole package - strikethrower, advanced breaking ball, unique slot/look/deception, makeup, plus life on the FB, etc. We do feel the combo of LH'd and plus life down will play well in Arlington down the line.

(comment):There is an article in the NY Post talking about what a mess the Mets are and that Omar Minaya needs to fix it. The article suggests trading for Adrian Gonzalez, Aubrey Huff, etc My question: With Smoak about to hit the big leagues - probably next year, at the latest - what are the chances we deal Chris Davis for Bobby Parnell or Jonathon Niese?? I would even throw in Kiker, if needed, if it were me
Jon Daniels: Not good.

[Comment From John B]
There seems to be a lot of criticism behind the Ranger's second-round choice of 3B Tommy Mendonca. I like the move because it stregnthens a fairly weak position in our system, but I have always heard that teams should take the best player avaliable and not draft based on need. What was the thinking behind htis choice?

Jon Daniels: We like Tommy's defense, power, and makeup. In my opinion, true power hitters are becoming more and more scarce. Look around the big leagues - look in our system - power is at a premium. We recognize Tommy has to make some adjustments in his approach, but he brings some things to the table that we like. We're happy with the pick (now we need to sign him & get him out playing).

Comment From Julio]
hey Jon, im curious when will we see julio bourbon in a rangers uniform?
Jon Daniels: Depends on our needs. He'd be a consideration now if there was an opening.
[Comment From Jared]
was there any thought on signing vizcaino when the cubs released him?
Jon Daniels: Yes, we talked to him but he liked the opportunity in Cleveland better at that time.

[Comment From Guest]
How is Eric Hurley doing?
Jon Daniels:
He's doing well. Rehabbing back here in Arlington, has been throwing for a little while now. On plan to be back next season.

Jon Daniels: TD has had some setbacks the past few years (TJ, ankle). We're trying to get him regular work in the bullpen right now. He's playing around with a split. Had a pretty good outing last night, maybe his best in that role.

Max Ramirez has struggled this year in AAA. Is it just due to his playing in the WBC and wrist injury?
Jon Daniels: I believe the wrist injury is the biggest factor. He's been better since coming back off the DL.

Who has surprised you the most at Frisco? Who do you expect we will see first in Arlington from that roster?
Jon Daniels: Mitch Moreland has really played well.

Who has surprised you the most at Frisco? Who do you expect we will see first in Arlington from that roster?
Jon Daniels: Mitch Moreland has really played well.


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