Saturday, June 27, 2009

German Duran Likely to Stick

Check back on Wednesday morning. Also, an unreported injury tidbit: Duran has been recovering from an appendectomy; the last 12 months have really sucked for this kid on the injury front. I am still high on him and don't hold his bad luck, bad timing against him.

This update from Tony Andro of the FWST makes it seem more than likely that German Duran will stick and that people don't really seem to understand the waiver process/terminology (see the PadZ incident). If it wasn't so boring I might make a post about all of the waiver rules/procedures/terminology:

More on the German Duran move

I exchanged texts with German Duran, who wants to stay with the organization. The feeling is mutual. Assistant general manager Thad Levine said he hopes Duran clears waivers. The way release waivers work is that other organizations have two business days to claim Duran. If he isn't claimed by Wednesday, he can re-sign with Texas. While it would seem like an easy move to claim Duran, that really isn't the case. He's on the minor league DL after having an appendectomy. Any team that claims him would be forced to put him on the major league disabled list.

- Anthony Andro


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