Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miller and Gutsie Free Agents?

The Minor League Baseball player database shows that 2008 draftees Justin Gutsie and Justin Miller -both of whom were listed as DL'd on the April AZL extended roster - are free agents:

Justin Gutsie
Justin Miller

Not sure if this is accurate but there it is - could be an artifact of an offseason DL listing. Both these guys were 2 of my preseason "bust" candidates so can't say that their release - if accurate - is much of a surprise. Gutsie was a 14th round reliever while Miller was drafted in the 16th. He had terrible control in college and had continued problems during his rookie debut. He also had the dreaded "little feel for pitching" label from scouts on the eve of the draft. Miller had a poor JR year exhibiting command problems then and then again in his rookie debut.


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