Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minor Moves, Major Notes

Michael Young moved to 3rd in the order, Andrus/DMurph to rotate at the second spot until Hambone returns (to form).

Beau Vaughan demoted to AA, Ian Gold activated from the DL. This leaves them with only 11 pitchers on the active roster not including the rehabbing Eyre.

With the addition of Vaughan, Frisco now has an incredible 20 pitchers on the roster: 15 active, 3 DL'd, 2 rehabs. They are also one over the roster limit so expect that someone else has been DL'd.

Their 76 game season opens today.

Their 56 game season opens on Sunday with the roster yet to be published though I have a projected roster up.

Looks like Corey Ragsdale and Ed Koncel have been released. Ragsdale, a converted infielder, couldn't find any space to develope as a 2nd yr 30yo pitcher in _this_ sytem. Ed Koncel was simply a bust. A 13th rd JC SS in last year's draft reputed to be a great hitter who could stick at SS despite his size. He hit about .200 last year.

RHP Denny Peralta moved from DSL1 to DSL2. He is a candidate to show up on the AZL roster at some time this season.
RHP O. Caraballo moved to from DSL1 to DSL2.
Rookie Australian RHP Aaron Thompson moved from DSL2 to DSL1. If there is room, he should be reassigned to the AZL roster for their opener. If there is not, expect him to be moved over when there is. 2nd year Australian RHP Tim Sanford is currently on the DSL 2 roster. He too should be moved over to the AZL squad for their opener or as soon as a roster spot open up. Sanford is a fringe prospect at best while Thompson seems a might better, much less raw than Sanford was his first year.


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