Monday, June 15, 2009

Minor Moves

Mendoza, pitched a perfect ninth today with 2SO. Running him out there as a back of the bullpen guy is a bit of a surprise but they might be running him out there to force him to attack the strike zone more effectively. Maybe Rupe should try that spot out for a few games...

Beavan makes his debut today.

Ok so there is some roster weirdness going on with Hickory on the eve of there double header as there are currently 27 active players. At some point in the last 24 hours, Podraza was removed and Paisano activated from the DL, and Font removed with Hurley taking his place. However, all 4 now appear on the roster so, at the very least, expect podraza to be sent back to extended and one other move to be made. It is good to know though that Font is not hurt as he had experienced some shoulder problems last year. Font, by the way, is pitching every 5 days, though he is on a pitch count so generally relieves another starter for 3 innings or so. Most of the youngsters (and Brigham in his 1st yr back from TJ surgery) are on a pitch count marking Hickory as more of a short-season squad than a full-season one. This is just one of the adjustments that TX has had to make to accommodate a system burgeoning with about 30 legitimate starting pitcher prospects.

OF Ramon Mota was moved from the DSL1 squad to DSL2 to accommodate the move of Emmanuel Solis to RF. This will allow him to get more AB to get used to the new position. It also meams that Solis' short-season assignment will be delayed for a bit while he gets a crash course in OF etiquette.

Ramon Mota, by the way, is a prospect that one might want to keep an eye. He has good speed, and plays CF for now (5.11/190/18.7yo) but only hit .198 in his DSL debut last year. However his OBP was .312 as a result of a healthy walk rate. It is plate discipline that normally differentiates the prospects from the bonus-baby flops so I would expect him to hit for averge this year and maybe even make it to the AZL by the end of the year.


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