Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moves and Notes

FranFran will pitch a bullpen on Sunday take the day off Monday (an off-day anyways) and be reevaluated on Tuesday. If he isn't ready to go, then he will be DL'd.

Poveda is said to have a wrist injury to his non-throwing hand.

Scuttlebutt has is that Main missed his start tonight due to some minor injury and is rehabbing in AZ. Tatusko will take his spot for the time being. Nam might be a candidate to replace him on the roster. Brigham is another candidate. I hope they leave Phillips in the pen.

Font has be sent back to extended, perhaps to address his recent control issues. He had a sore shoulder last year, so hopefully, that has not reemerged. Trevor Hurley was reassigned from extended to replaced him on the roster. Scuttlebutt has it that Paisano has reportedly been side-lined with a sore wrist after a HBP.

2008 Fall instruct invitee Denny Peralta is being used as a starter after appearing out of the pen for most of the season (see my profile info on him). Don't be surprised to see him promoted to the AZL squad within the first month the season.

LA bonus-baby bust 3B Emmanuel Solis played right field in his DSL1 debut. This makes sense, ere, made sense 2 yrs ago, as he doesnt have the hands for 3B. Whether he has the athleticism for RF I don't know. He does have a great arm so if this position retrofit proves ineffective, then you might see him join Yohan Yan on the mound. He will be another player who should appear on the AZL squad within the first month.

VZ LHP Wilmer Batista remains MIA. He is the lone remaining 08/09 July2 sign who has yet to appear on a DSL roster.


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