Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moves and Notes

Harrison to the DL with the ambiguously frightening though seemingly ubiquitous "biceps tendinitis". His MRI was clear but he is going for nerve studies on Monday.

Tommy "judo" Hunter will make the spot start for him on Sunday. With the off-day next week, a 5th starter won't be needed until the next time through the rotation and that guy is TBD. Options include Hunter, Moscoso, Jennings, and Nippert. Moscoso will need at least one start to get stretched out due to his pine time with the big club; his first outing back with AAA was limited to 5 innings. Both Jennings and Nippert will need to be stretched out as well. Both can go 4 now and would probably be limited to 5 for any spot start 10 days from now. Hunter, then, appears to be the most likely candidate for the second spot start as well it seems.

Think JD is mulling over that decision to send Feliz to the pen with 2 starters on the DL and Holland getting shelled tonight?

Duran released to free up a spot on the 40 to accommodate Eyre. As he was on the DL, he could not simply be removed from the 40 and optioned to AAA if he cleared waivers. Rather than remove some real dead weight from the 40 like Bannister, this was a calculated move by TX as any club that claimed him off waivers would have to add him to the DL on the 40-man roster. No one is going to go this far for a guy who has been injured for most of the last year and as a result he is expected to resign with the club on a minor league contract. I presume that he will still have 2 options remaining.

Feliz pitched the late innings for the second time last night. The club appears to be grooming Feliz for a late-inning bullpen role rather than a MR-LR role as Holland broke in with. If that is not the case, I will eat JD's boot heel, as moving a front-line rotation prospect into Jason Jenning's role is a complete waste IMO. Of course, I have my reservations about the move anyways, considering our present starting rotation is on the brink, and, well, Feliz is the only font-line starting prospect that we have in AAA, right? Couple that with the fact that he has pitched his best the last 4-5 starts or so and you have to question why this is a wise move given that he could be inserted into the TX rotation the first week of August or so if he continues to progress. Who is to say he won't get white hot and be a very nice 2 month addition to the rotation? That was the hope since spring training anyways, or so I thought.

Phillips promoted and debuted last night. There is still a roster spot open so hopefully another reliever will get the nod from HighA.

I was looking at probable promotions over the last week or so, and it really sunk in just how horrendous the Frisco bullpen is. In order to get any members of the Blaze pen promoted, some of these guys are due for a demotion. Diamond, Diaz, Jones Torres, Strop, and Garr all have a line that looks something like this: 20ip/20h/20/bb/20so/6.00era - it is just ugly. I say demote all of these guys so that Corey Young, Nam, Falcon and co can get a shot at putting up league average #s.

Kudos by the way to the Frisco manager for turning Mitch Moreland into a singles hitter by batting him second.

Update: Beau Jones demoted to HighA; John Slusarz promoted from short season. Not sure why they still like Slusarz as he is just an org arm.

Ryan Falcon gets the spot start, or at least we hope it is a spot start. I am hoping that Brigham gets the call to fill the last spot in the rotation despite his inconsistency; I prefer to leave all of the youngsters in LowA for the year.

Bianucci and Morrison still bashing away in a level below their skill set; it's nothing but a disservice I tell you.

There are a couple of guys in HighA (Gomez, Gac, Rody, Fry) and a few guys in short season who could all take their spots and continue to be the bulwark of the offense. I just hate to see these guys get the Moreland/Smitty treatment.

Short Season
No real draft news of note save that 45th rd JC catcher Dale Anderson plans to finish school rather than sign. Other than that, 14th rd RHP Chad Bell is pitching in the Cape Cod league on the same team that 25th rd RF Riley Cooper is on. Cooper appears to be on a taxi squad or no longer with the team while Bell is pitching. The season just started a week after the draft and has been washed out by rain for a week so no real #s to go by yet. The season would normally end just before the signing deadline but will probably go past that this year to make up the rainouts.

If anyone has located any of the other summer clubs for any of our unsigned picks, let me know, and I will try to make periodic updates on them.

22.5yo RHP Kelvin Arrendell promoted from DSL1. Puzzling promotion on the surface - looks like an org guy due to his age and he may well be. Late start as he entered the DSL in 2006 as a hitter at 19.5yo. Seems to have converted to pitching as late as last year so the org must see something they like about him, perhaps a lightning fastball who knows. His #s in relief in 08 were good, this year's not so much.

Another spate of roster moves, moving people around, switching positions, adding org guys - I'll have that update when the dust settles.


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