Saturday, June 27, 2009

Omar Poveda

Poveda is in Arizona throwing a rehab start tonight. Interestingly, he is going up vs one of the LA bonus babies that TX was rumored to have lost out on last year to San Deigo: Adys Portillo (in his second outing of the year). Poveda's injury was rumored to be an injury to his non-throwing hand after he took out his frustration about a bad start (either in AAA or his first start back from there I think)on an immovable object, let's call it a water cooler what with Bradley in the news.

Update: Omar only went 3 innings today (2h, 2so, 0er). After being on the DL for 2 1/2 weeks (6/10), he will get one or two more starts (limited to 4 then 5 innings) before likely returning to Fricso for a 7/12ish start (though 7/7 is possible). It is really too bad for the kid. His injury came on the heels of a fantatstic 9 inning complete game and he seemed to be poised to break out.


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