Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough

going to the Pacers at 13 means that one quality player will slip to #22, the Mavs former spot, illustrating the idocy of the MBT - Junior still floating along on the coat tails of his Nowitski/Nash moves 11 years ago.

The pick who is falling (out of the lottery in fact) is Jrue Holiday and James Johnson seems to be falling a bit as well. The fact that the Mavs bailed on their spot at 22 really hurts their chances to move into the 16-20 range to grab a guy who is falling.

Austin Daye just taken at #15, a huge reach, and major bust prospect. Here you have it folks. There have now been 2 reaches IMO with Hansbrough and Daye and the Mavs would be sitting pretty on a value pick at 22. I'm turning in my green and blue tee and cancelling my League pass folks; it's a sad day. Come have a beer and a P'oh Boy with me to assuage the loss....


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