Thursday, June 25, 2009

The value range

was clearly 16-20 as Johnson, Holiday Lawson, Teague and Maynor went. Did the Mavs make a play for anyone? Probably not. But the Nuggest managed to essentially move into the 18th slot _without_ a first round pick going in and had MN draft Lawson for them. Go Mavs!

So, another reach here for need by drafting a backup PG in Darren Collison at 21. So three reaches and Junior's idea that 22 = 24 is shot to shit. AT 22 BJ Mullens, Blair and Sam Young would have been available with Sam Young being a Josh clone. Mavs fucked up unless Young slides to 24 (and they take him - who knows what' rattling around in Junior's head). Mullens fits as a project but you would still want to buy a 1st 25-30 to snag a guy who could make the bench rotation if available. Blair seems to be falling because of injury concerns with his knee. Not sure about the details. I say take Blair if he's available at 24 as he is the BPA there but only if you think he can play 20 minutes at center otherwise go with Young.

The rumor is that portland will snag Casspi at 22. Nope Portland reaches for Claver (who has a minor liver condition I think) and the Kings select Casspi.

Mavs on the clock. If they get Blair or Young I will eat crow and admit that the Mavs draft board was risky but right in the end. If they Draft Mullens or Calathes they better get another late first to go with him. If they get anyone else I will, I will...I don't know...explode maybe...


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