Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AZL 2B Vicente Cafaro

Jason Cole recently rooted up info about the mysterious 25yo "Vicente Cafardo" recently assigned to the AZL club. No one could find any info on him but that was because his name was posted incorrectly; it should be Cafaro. He was a 2B at division I Creighton in 08 and 09, who won a gold glove this year at that level. He hit .324 and was hit by 15 pitches (our newest Jon Greene) this year and last. He was famous locally for successfully pulling off the "hidden ball" trick this year. Given the shitty infield defense at the lower levels of the system, maybe he was signed for his defense alone, though he is also a native Venezuelan so he might be a good vet for his paisanos to get to know. Here are a couple of articles:

Gold Glove

Hidden Ball



  1. He started his career at Division II Wayne State College in Nebraska, and even though he was the only guy on the team who couldn't speak English, he became a popular clubhouse guy and learned the language quickly. After redshirting a year, he was the top freshman in the NSIC. He then decided he wanted to transfer to Nebraska-Omaha, another Division II, because he thought the Omaha market would allow him more exposure. The WSC coach wouldn't release him from his scholarship to go to a rival, so Cafaro went to Division I Creighton, where he became a two-year starter. Really slick fielder, good bat, disciplined at the plate, can hit for power despite his size, not exactly blazing speed but gives outstanding effort, and a good clubhouse presence. His age is what hindered him as far as getting drafted. If he were 21 instead of 25, he'd have been taken in the top 10 rounds.