Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feliz dump

Neftali Feliz's FB _sat_ at 98.7 in his single inning of work ( 1bb, 0h, 2so) in the Future's Game. His FB was 98-101; his CB was 80-81; and his changeup was 88-89. Please note that there is an extraordinary 10mph range between these pitches; that is just sick. No matter where one comes down on the Ranger's decision to use both Holland and Feliz out of the pen this season, I have to say that I am excited to see Feliz throw that filthy stuff up there for the last 2 months of the season. I will also say, as I have said before, that moving Feliz to the pen does not remove him the competition for an spot on the 2010 opening day rotation due to a lack of innings; the club will send him to winter ball if they need to (which JD confirms below). There is really nothing that will keep him out of the rotation in my estimation.

OK so now, here is a dump of everything I could find related to his appearance including the video highlights:

As for the curveball and changeup, Feliz said: "They're much better. I'm just working on all my pitches and trying to get confidence in all my pitches. When the Rangers call me up, that's not my decision." "I've found out there's a big difference between starting and relieving," Feliz said before his one inning of work. "In the bullpen, you go out there for 1-2 innings and just go full bore. You don't have to hold anything back. As a starter, you may be going 5-6 innings. You have to hold back, throw all your pitches, think about situations, really work hitters."

"We feel he's got a chance to be a starter down the road, but was more likely to help us this year out of the 'pen based on where he is overall in his development," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. "He's still just 21. If he can have success in this role, we've addressed a need internally, and he'll be able to get innings to work as a starter this winter and again starting next spring. It's easy to look at him, see the velocity and arm slot and say reliever, but we're not going to give up on him starting down the line."

In the middle of a nice piece on Kyle Drabeck's coming of age (Kiker says hello from Frisco) there was this Feliz musing:

Neftali Feliz, an electric-armed righty in the Texas organization, is pitching relief for Triple-A Oklahoma City, and speculation abounds that he will join fellow prospect Derek Holland in Texas after the break as the Rangers go full-bore after their first playoff berth since 1999.The scouting community is divided on whether Feliz is better suited for starting or closing. For each talent evaluator who thinks that Feliz's lack of a consistent curveball could be an impediment to him leading a rotation, there's another who's convinced he has the talent to be a front-of-the-rotation starter."That's about as easy an upper-90s fastball as you're going to see,'' said a National League scout. "The ball just jumps out of his hand. He's a special guy.''

Law and Grey chimed in with their post-game review (no video clips) with a nod to Feliz though they were apparently wathing the slow stadium gun rather than sitting with scouts.

Mayo has a review of the Futures roster prior to the game with video of Feliz.

BP's John Perrotto has this:

Well, I can certainly see why the Rangers are excited about what Neftali Feliz can bring to their long-suffering pitching staff. He blew away Eric Young Jr. and Desmond Jennings to start the inning then made some tough pitches to Brett Wallace before walking him on a full count before finishing the inning by getting Chris Carter to hit a soft liner back to the mound. Impressive stuff right there.

... and BP's Kevin Goldstein:

The biggest addition to the Rangers down the stretch might be Neftali Feliz. While walking one and striking out two in his scoreless inning, Feliz was pumping gas at 97-98 mph while touching triple digits on numerous occasions. The Rangers need help in the bullpen, and the good news is that they don't need to make a trade to alter the long-term plan. Feliz will not only help, he might be closing by September.


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