Friday, July 3, 2009

BMac VS Danks Officially Dead

Jeff Wilson totally scooped everyone on the BMac injury/rehab update. Looks like he might not make it back into the rotation this year as he is totally changing his delivery!!! I think we can officially declare the BMac/Danks trade to be a complete bust for TX. Here is some of what BMac had to say:

The plan is to completely overall McCarthy’s mechanics. His delivery will be new, his arm slot will change, and he hopes yet again that his injury luck will change, too.

"It’ll be like learning to walk again with a little limp, I guess," said McCarthy, who has been on the disabled list four times in his career. "When I come back, I know I have to start from scratch."

But McCarthy is eager to start the work, which he called "kind of complicated." He no longer will make an inverted W with his arm. The delivery will be longer and smoother with the design of reducing the stress on the prone area.

"It should look a lot different," McCarthy said. "It feels like it won’t be too horrible. But ... will it hold up when I get on the mound and in a game situation? I need to make sure it’s completely there."


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