Friday, August 21, 2009

David Perez

According to at least one report, TX has signed Dominican RHP David Perez. He reportedly checks in at 6.4 180, can spin a CB and knows what to do when they tell him "now, throw a change-up" in his workouts, while his fastball sits in the high 80's. He reportedly has more refinement/pitchability than most Dominican pithers. All that for 425K. Wasn't really a guy on the "top 30" lists but he was on the periphery, though he seems like he shouldve been now that we have just a tiny bit more info. I'll say this, _any_ Dominican pitcher who has present "pitchability" and projects to have an average fastball is a good sign (in both senses). In this case, couple pitchability with an ideal pitchers frame at 6.4 180 and this could be a really nice sign and a guy who could end up sporting well above-average heat.

Compare that to reports about both Escobar and Alvarez that suggested each had limited projection, and Perez's projectible frame coupled with pitchability is really the ideal package for a 16yo. Whether his secondary stuff truly is as advanced as both of our Venezuelan teens (and surely it is not), well, we might catch a glimpse as soon as instructs (and possbily, pitching bullpens right next to one another). Speaking of instructs, how nice is it that our first glimpse of both Sardinas and Profar is only a matter of weeks away - though treat with some skepticism the breathless (or dire) reports that are sure to come. Second glimpse will come soon as well: both will skip the DSL and debut for the AZL club to begin 2010.

According to another source, TX outbid at least one other team, San Diego. It could be that, like Escobar last year, his velo was down this spring and the offers weren't there at the deadline. All these kids are on a weekly workout/showcase cycle so he may have looked better with improved velo of late, generating a little more interest and at least one winning bid:)

UPDATE - Here is a snippet from BA (June) about Perez:
David Perez is a 6-foot-4, 180-pound righthander from Santo Domingo, D.R., who has been shown in tryouts with catcher Gary Sanchez. Throwing from a three-quarters arm slot, Perez pitches at 86-89 mph, though in recent months his velocity had dipped slightly. Perez, 16, also has a curveball and a changeup.

It is possible that he has switched to some variation of a 3/4 arm slot in the last year but I'm not sure about this. We'll have to wait and see TX opts to change it in the off-season.

J2 Pitching chisme-
Other than the Perez sign not much has changed since my last report. The Perez signing might mean that Leo Perdomo and Miguel Nunez might have moved out of the 350-550 area that I presume TX is working within right now. These 2 guys might sign in the next week to 10 days and are both showcasing themselves at the various academies; I bet they get 550-750 but it really depends on how depressed the market is right now and how much Boston and NY want to spend on any remaining guys. Remember that Boston lost its top sign LHP Victor Payano (900k) after he failed his physical so they are still players in this market.

According to some sources, TX has/had interest in both while the Pirates, NYY and Boston like Nunez and the Pirates also like Perdomo. Various teams including TX (and NYY, Boston, Oakland, FL) like Rafael DePaula and his plus fastball (or better) despite the fact that he is suspended. He is still showcasing himself for teams so the suspension is not thwarting interest in any way.

No other word on Noel Arguellez the 19-20yo Cuban LHP who is, in my opinion, the best guy on the market at present but then he is sort of in a different category at his age and experience level and might be too pricey for TX. Kiley McDaniels report some weeks ago that he had a really nice workout was wrong (or scout-based misinfo): he was reportedly out of shape and his velo was way down.

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