Monday, August 24, 2009

DSL Playoffs

begin on Wednesday for the Rangers2 juggernaut as they finished the season with the best record in the 09 summer season. I am working on a DSL season in review article in the interim. As I noted in previous DSL missives, TX tapped into a nice vein of Venezuelan catching with their 08 signs, 2 of whom will likely debut in the AZL next year. Also, as noted previously, the DSL clubs have become Venezuelan-heavy now beginning last year and culminating this year. Finally, the 2008 signing class is without question, the best collection of position players (as a class) in the last 5 years, maybe 15 (though I can't say that for sure, perhaps since the early nineties). You will see a great # of these kids in the AZL next year so when people complain about the position depth in the system, just tell them that it will all be in the short-season leagues nex year.

In the meantime, here is my list of DSL players to watch for next year (and in the playoff series):

Randol Rojas, Jose Mavare, Leo Gil, Carlos Ramirez, Luis Parra
Expect one or more of Rojas, Mavare, and Gil to debut in Spokane next year; any of those three could've handled an assignment to AZL this year. Rojas is a beast. Peralta has had a fine year, but his failure to make it state-side this year makes me think that he (and Ayenil Mendoza and Kelvin de Leon, though both could be injured not having pitched at all this yr) has visa issues. Parra migh stay in DSL2 for one more year as his control has been horrible but his hit and strikeout rates are great.

C: Luis Reyes, Carlos Oropesa (DSL1)
MIF: Alfredo Chalas (07 sign), David Herrera, Santiago Hill
OF: Teo Martinez, Hector Martinez, Franciso Lugo
Everyone but Lugo and H-Mart (can't hit lhp) might debut in the AZL next year. Oropesa is hitting about .400 in the last month and has also played 1b/3b so it isnt clear that he sticks at catcher but he palyed most of the season at age 16. It is not certain yet whether or not any of the MIF can stick at shortstop, something we won't know until next year. What is certain is that playing time will be at a minimum for these three if Sardinas and Profar debut in the AZL next year as expected which might necessitate leaving 1 or 2 on the DSL2 squad for an extra year.

3b, Robert Morillo
Simply mashing the ball the last month at about a .500 clip and tons of XBH. Could be a nice find if he can stick at the corner and get a visa.

The Official "Emmanuel Solis" Alert:
will repeat the DSL next year to see if he can get a clue. Latin American "Power" hitters who sign for less than 7-figures usually break out in DSL year 2 if they do at all. (If anyone can find the spray chart that I found for the Abreu piece, please link me to it - I can't find it anymore. )

PS: Don't forget that TX has actually signed _THREE_ shortstops this J2 period if you include VZ Luis Mendez, reportedly a " savvy " player with good hands at 5.10/180. No word on his bonus but expect it to be in the 125k range.


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