Friday, August 28, 2009

DSL2 loses first playoff game 2-0; Randy Rojas wins pitcher of the year

The Rangers' DSL2 club lost the first game of their playoff series vs MN and must win today to stay alive in the 3-game set.

Two of the Ranger's best DSL arms put forward very nice efforts but the offense was shut down. Denny Peralta went 7 with 6 hits zero walks and 7 strikeouts while Jose "Arlett" Mavare went 2 striking out 5 on zero hits/walks. Interesting to note that Abreu did not start and ended the season as he began, on an epic slump. Speedster Teo TMart Martinez led the offense with 4 hits on 3 doubles! while the rest of the team managed only 2 more. I'm thinking Randy Rojas starts game 2 today, and it is a good thing, as he is among the best pitching prospects in the league.

The DSL also named their players/pitchers of the year and all-stars this week. My numero uno TX DSL prospect RHP Randol Rojas (DSL2) has just been named DSL Pitcher of the Year (one of 2). Supermega impresivo! Chevere! Bacan! Quite an honor and I look forward to getting some scouting reports on him during instructs or spring training as he will surely be an invite. As such, Rojas was also named to the league's all-star team along with Miggie de los Santos, who at 22(?), surely should not have qualified, and was a man among boys to be sure. Jayce Tingler was named Manager of the year in what, I think, is his third down south.

As I noted before, it would not surprise me to see Leo Gil, Rojas, and Mavare skip the AZL altother. Denny Peralta could as well as long as he secures a visa.

As a side note, the Texas contingent (Tingler, Gomez, Tmart) of the DSL all-star game did not seem to make it to the proceedings and I am guessing that they got rained out though the game went ahead - there were (are) some torrential downpours this year.


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