Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Erik Morrison and Jonathan Greene Promoted

to HighA and AA respectively. Keeping Morrison in LowA for the whole season was a sin against nature while I wonder if Greene sinks or swims vs AA pitching.

UPDATE: Guardado DL'd, "Air" called up. Playoff roster maneuvering?
Warner "Mags" Madrigal has truly lost his sheen since last year as Moscoso and Eyre have move ahead of him on the AAA to Arlington bullpen shuttle. The only thing that could be worse for him is if Diamond and Mendoza get the call next ...


Cruz will not return from his rehab for tonight's game for some odd reason. C Carlos Dominguez has been released. His shoulder is shot and he only played part-time last year so the writing was on the wall. Pudge VS LHP this year: .303/.313/.500.

Near as I can tell, there is little to support this pov expressed by Callis(that Scheppers has 'major' issues with his shoulder) in his latest chat other than a hack article by JMayo about a month ago:

Scheppers has barely seen any game action in the last 15 months and there are major questions about his shoulder, so those are impediments to a deal. I'd have a hard time going over slot ($776,700) for him if his shoulder is still dicey.

If this were true he would not have been drafted in the top 2 rounds for 2 years in a row and offered 2 million last year when there really were legit questions about his shoulder. As for slot money for Scheppers that is just stupid. He's 7 figures at 1.5-2.1 million or he's going to Japan.


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