Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New International signings? Maybe.

I really like this quote from JD's latest chat over at the DMN:

We've moved on - we'll get the draft pick back next year, will spend some of that $ on additional international signings, and continue to fill the system with talent otherwise.

Sounds like a declaration rather than a throw-away comment. If you consider the idea that Scheppers was drafted with the approval of Hicks, with the idea that it might take 2 million to sign him, then that money is separate from the 4 million that may have been budgeted for their first round pick proper. That 4 million is still there ready to be spent whereas the 2 million for Scheppers is only for him and goes away if he isn't signed. Could that mean then that they have about 3 million to sign any # of the remaining international free agents that they like? Maybe they could enter into the Sano sweeps or angle for Noel Arguelles for a 4 yr /8 million contract? It is surely no coincidence that David Perez was signed not soon after the Purke debacle. At the very least, you just might see a couple more signs in the 550-750 range (Beltre, Ferreira, Perdomo) or they may wait and try to compete for a couple of the elite Japanese arms who may withdraw from the NPB draft (10/31). At least 3 of those guys will probably garner a 2 million bonus. Very interesting to see how this plays out.



  1. This is indeed very cool to hear.

    You know, as much as it sucks to have your first round pick go unsigned, I think taking that 4mm we were gonna give to one guy and spending it on a few more LA signings and maybe some of the Asian guys that are supposed to be hitting the market this Winter might be a far more desirable option long term. I don't want to spend just to spend, so to speak, but 4mm can buy an awful lot of talent from the J2's and Asia.

    Provided we actually do that, of course.

    I could just as easily see us sitting on the cash and not really doing much else in terms of amateur shit 'till next year.


  2. Also, Goyo...

    Do you have info on the Korean crop this year?

    I've heard there are a couple of good looking OF'ers who might come over sometime soon, but I can't find shit on them. No scouting reports at all. Not even ages.

    Sorry to pester, but my Googling skills are the suck.


  3. Yeah, see the "J2 Terrain" post for the names of the Pacific Rim guys (I'll see what I can dig up re scouting profiles):


  4. Those 2 outfielders are ~27ish it turns out and already turned pro so probably of no interest to TX in the end.

    Of the 2 pitchers, Ryu is 22 and already pitching in the KBO while I can't find too much info on the other guy. I also read some nightmarish stories about pitcher abuse in that league. Ryu pitched 200 innings 2 years in a row right after his SR year of HS, after having had TJ surgery his JR yr!!!

    In the end, I think you can probably cross off any Korean hopefuls. I think the Cubs may have already signed most of the Korean HS guys of note but I could be wrong. And Taiwanese players haven't had too much success in the minors to date.

  5. Here's a note on Sano... Pirates are totally off him.


  6. Hmm that isn't how I read it. His market has crashed so their offer was overvalued. I bet he won't get more than 2 million in the end.