Monday, August 31, 2009

Roster Moves

Smoak to the inactive list (Baseball World Cup)

Jose Diaz back to DL; Phillips activated (hamstring)

Fry activated from the DL

Telis promoted (yesterday); Jason Cole reports that Mike Ortiz and my man EasyEddie Garcia are in Spokane as well, though nothing announced as of yet. I look forward to hearing actual play by play accounts of them both over the next 7 games - I'm most interested in seeing if Garcia can stick at short.

EasyEddie Garcia gets no press but he is as much of a prospect as Tater Telis, hence the promotion. Telis just had a scorching August but EasyE had a scorching July and led the team in TB until his mid-August swoon. That's right, you heard me, a shortstop led the team in TB for most of the season until overtaken late by Ortiz and Telis. And Ortiz doesn't count (third yr). EasyE and TaterT, DSL Duo.


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