Friday, August 14, 2009

Tools and Dough

From Baseball America:
1. 5th round RHP Nick McBride signs for 325K
2. Best AA Tools
Best baserunner - Craig Gentry
Best coaching prospect - Mike Miccuci
3. 2 more HS pitchers sign: 14th rd LH Chad Bell and 24th rd RH Shawn Blackwell.

Blackwell is a good get but it also likely means that a couple of HS pitchers in the 16-23 range opted not to sign.

Here are the remaining picks that are highly regarded HS Players that will require a bonus in the range of 200-350K (see 2009 draft worksheet for profiles):

10. Thomas Lemke, RHP
16. Michael Revell (LH-3B)
17. Paul Strong(LHP)
18. Michael Schaaf, RHP
20. Jerome Warmiuk, RHP
28. Derek Law, RHP
29. Charles Watson (LHP)
39. Jabari Henry (power hitting left fielder)
41. Forrest Garrett LHP
48. Cole Frenzel (position in question: 3b/rf/c/1b)LH
49. Catlan Kendrick (great splitter)RHP

Here are three desirable players that should sign if they knew what was good for them as they are all projects but who will probably go (back) to school because they think too highly of themselves and end up getting less money next year (if eligible):

9. Jabari Blash-RF - extremely raw despite his age (20)with poor pitch recognition and enough problems with his mechanics to need an off-season and a year to correct.
32. Reggie Williams-CF(SH) - Extremely raw, inexperienced really old (20yo)HS SR. Should ge his career under way quickly with some professional instruction and lots of ABs.
37. Charles Nading RHP 22yo draft eligible sophomore, after a couple of transfers. In a word old and needs innings/experience/instruction.

The one easy sign that remains will likely be 27th round RHP Aaron Barrett who had a bad JR (transfer) year and should probably sign so someone can straighten out his mechanics rather than allow his current coaches to try to figure him out. He profiles as a bullpen arm but will likely remain a starter until he shows he can't. Throws low 90s with an above average slider and a decent changeup but poor command. He was in Arlington for a workout a few weeks ago so the fact that you haven't heard about it yet probably means we weren't interested (at his price).



  1. I'll nitpick, it's Aaron Barrett, not Blackwell. Blackwell is the League City HS kid who just signed. And I'd just as soon pass on Barrett who was big league disappointed in where he was drafted after a blah junior campaign. He's got nothing that stands out, is older, and wants way too much money.

    According to ming, on Newberg, Paul Strong is still mulling his options. I think he'll choose UC Irvine but I do like the fact the Rangers gave him an offer that's at least tempting. I didn't think it would even get that far.

    I'm also with you that I love Kendrick and he's the number one HS pitcher that I'd still like to see sign besides Purke.

    Not a fan of Williams at all. RAW, RAW bat. Speed alone shouldn't get you six figures.

  2. OK I'll nitpick too. Of the three HS "3B" that you liked, only one really projects to stay there- Revell. Boyd projected as a 1B and Frenzell is probably destined for another spot due to his burly frame, which is sure to get bigger. I think Revell can be had and he doesn't want bank but I only want him if TX believes in his power potential (but then they believed in Matt West's and Whittleman's so, yeah, why should we trust them, right?).

    The guys that I really want/ed:
    Carasiti (5 pitches, in HS!)
    Kendrick (nice "package" with that splitter)
    Garrett (LHP with velo and pitchability)
    Warmiuk ("project beast")
    Jabari Henry (mid-order bat)

    I think Blackwell and Justin Jamison are good gets if nothing else pans out. Jamison is a mess mechanically but if TX can "remake" him this off-season, look out 2011. The guy is just a monster at 6.8 225.

  3. Revell is my #1 remaining want. If this system can develop pitchers, SS, OFs, 1B and the like they are capable of developing a 3B. I know they've failed with Whittleman, West, Greene, Solis etc. but they can't stop trying. Especially because I'm not a believer in Mendonca. So they have to keep drafting and hope that one makes it. Skipping a HS 3B would be bad imo.

    Carasiti has already said he's going to St. John's unfortunately. I still have hope for Kendrick, think they'll sign Blash and one more pitcher like Law, Nading, or Christman will come along too. They've done a good job and I know Seiler complained about how much money they spent on McBride and Blackwell but I'd rather they sign those two than spend that much for Lemke.

  4. Yeah, I wouldn't trust Seiler with my fantasy league team...