Friday, August 21, 2009

Who is Luis Sardinas?

I don't know but I'm not the least bit unnerved that his name, unlike Profar's, isn't swirling around the mouths of prospecters or front office people or blogs or top 30s. Why? Well, as a general rule, well, my rule, 16yo Venezuelans are more advanced as baseball players than in other LA countries outside of Cuba. It is a safe bet that Sardinas is an elite prospect and, like Profar, one of the top LA shortstops in this year's class. While Profar is a special kid from a small island that that might produce an elite player once every 5 years, Venezuela, on the other hand, produces a handful of those each and every year. So one should instead look at the situation in the obverse: Knowing that _Profar_ got Sardinas money (and not the reverse) makes me pretty confidant that Profar is the real deal as a SS (rather than a pitcher); Profar was the one we had reason to worry about in the end. It is quite an organizational coup getting first -round -caliber shortstops in and of itself . Both kids should be considered elite prospects based on the money that TX chose to pay them, that is, first-round money in the 15-20 range. Big-time signings.

UPDATE: Here is BA's Profile on Sardinas:
Sardinas, who hails from Puerto Ordan, has a classic wiry shortstop frame. He should stay at shortstop, as scouts across the board say he has very good hands and good range, while some scouts have seen him throw better than others. Sardinas came to the United States in mid-June for the Perfect Game National Showcase at the Metrodome in Minnesota, where he ran a 6.83 in the 60-yard dash there, but some scouts say they have seen him run 6.6 and 6.7. Some scouts say Sardinas struggled with the bat earlier this year, but those who have seen him recently have said he's hit well in front of them in game situations, to the point where he's the uncommon high-profile Latin American prospect who looks better in games than he does in BP. The latest buzz from Latin America is that the Rangers are expected to land Sardinas, possibly for a seven-figure bonus.



  1. Nice take as always, Goyo.

    That's a pretty interesting way to view it.

    Sardinas and Profar have me about as excited as I've been in a long time in terms of LA signings.

    Have you heard anything about Profar's defensive chops? From what little grainy video I've seen he looks like he's gonna have trouble sticking at SS as he fills out. Seems like pretty much every big time LA signing is listed at SS when they sign (heck, even Miggy Cabrera came to America as a SS).



  2. Yo DT. I've come across absolutely _nothing_ about Profar other than the very generalized praise coming from Preller and JD. Badler and McDaniel's draft reports focus on him as a pitcher. I did come across one pre-draft report that said some scouts did view him as a toolsy position player but no more detail.

    As for the shortstop moniker, yeah, any 15-16yo who weighs less than 180 always seem to be sold as a "shortstop" but scouts aren't fooled I think. Sano will move to 3B/RF eg. What I have heard about Profar's frame - skinny, short - makes me think he will stick and JD's newberg comments make me think it is true.

    As for Sardinas, I have seen him called skinny and lanky at 150 but saw a recent report that listed him at 180. But it was his bat rather than his position that seemed to split scouts on him early in the year. Closer to J2, and after he came over in a Perfect Game showcase, his stock soared.

    Elivis is ~185 and I bet he fills out a bit more - he just has that look - so I'm betting that both Profar and Sardinas will be able to stick even 15-20 pounds heavier (Profar is listed at 5.11/165). And while that is just speculation, the clencher for me is just the unlikelihood that TX would pay that much for a couple of 16yo 2B.

    I think we will learn a little bit more in instructs though beware the high praise that is sure to issue from IPs (Instructs Prospectors) as you have to apply a "handicap" to account for the hyperbole.

  3. Just as an aside DT, you're right, the volatility/attrition at the SS position for these 16yo kids is high, many of them becoming 2b down the road. Just look at the 3 signs that I mentioned. David Herrera might not stick at SS and has played more 2b in the second half while Santiago Hill was signed as a 2B but played more SS in the 2nd half and Fredo Chalas was move off the MIF altogether it seems but was listed as a SS last year and will probably stick at 2B in the AZL next year. All of those guys might end up at 2B in the long-term.

    Having said that I don't think that kind of uncertainty applies to Profar/Sardinas.

  4. Thanks for the answers, Goyo.

    Keep up the good work,