Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aroldis Chapman

granted free agency. He will still have to have his age and identity verified by the US consulate once he signs but most think that is a foregone conclusion despite a couple of different age discrepancies that have been reported. TX will probably be in the mix as long as the money sits around 8million per for 5 years, as long as TX views him as a starter long-term and as long as he agrees to go to the minors for as long as he needs to. His pitchability, his secondary stuff, and his command of all of his pitches needs work (though I'm not sure he has a changeup). If NY or Boston wants him, they will probably get him, and overpay for him, so if TX misses out because of money, then no big loss IMHO.

Here are some entries with links to other articles that I posted about Chapman in July:


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