Friday, September 4, 2009

DGut smoking gun

Here is a summary of the arrest record for our shiny new prospect and choirboy Danny "you talkin' to me?" Gutierrez. Still believe in the "high ceiling" endgame? -

Team violations (unspecified) -
May 2007 - Suspended for year along with three others (appeared in 8 games). One of the guys suspended, Jason Taylor, received a 50game supension in 2008 for violation of performance enhancing substances. The team suspension was rumored to be related to minor pot possession but I could find no evidence to prove the claim.

Criminal violations (all in AZ)-
March 21, 2008 - invalid license, and speeding 20mph or more over 45.
May 7, 2008- Fighting, pleaded guilty and paid fine, 12/08/08. (apparently community service according to one report)
Note that he missed all of may and part of June due to what has been variously termed a strained elbow to a fracture of the tip of his elbow. Seems like this injury may not have been baseball related after all.
June 22, 2009 - Assault/touched to injure. Trial date 9/23/09.

So while many happy prospecters cheer the acquisition of such a trouble magnet, remember that he will be reporting to the AFL not only because he needs the innings and has two really good pitches, but because his is on probation, must complete his community service requirement, and has a court date to attend. So, I wonder what happens if he loses his trial on the assault charges? And of course, in the "cryptic team-related offenses" category of personal problems for the kid, we are not even bringing up his dispute with the team this spring or his reported injury that has caused him to miss yet another year. Isn't enough to just call it all pretty suspect based on what we already know about him?


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