Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just subscribed to Espn Insider

and came across a couple of Intl. FA items from La Esquina.

1. This snippet on Profar suggests that TX way overbid on Profar as there was only one other team in contention for him:

PROFAR PROBLEMS The Rangers' signing of SS Jurickson Profar may turn out to be the biggest risk of all the July 2 signings. Profar had already threatened to quit baseball if teams did not sign him as a shortstop. Profar is considered by most scouts to be a much better pitcher, but Profar hates to pitch because he says it causes too much pain in his arm, according to sources close to the situation. Profar also comes from a very poor family whose fortunes will surely change after receiving a reported $1.55 million bonus. Several scouts wonder whether Profar's motivation will dwindle after receiving such a large deal. Most scouts believed Profar would get a bonus of around $750,000. Instead, the Rangers more than doubled the amount despite the fact that the Orioles were the only other team seriously interested in Profar as a shortstop.

2. This snippet on the signing of CF Andres Fria for 75k (a fairly large bonus), the son of Adolfo Fria, the agent for Guillermo Pimentel. He seems to have missed most of June as he probably didnt sign until the day after the draft and played in only 30g and showed zero power. In his first 13 games he hit .295, in his last 17 he hit .138 and then missed the last 2 1/2 weeks. He doesn't seem like much of a prospect, as he played at age 19 for the DSL1 club:

Several months ago, Fria confirmed that the Rangers signed his 18-year-old son Andres, an undrafted centerfielder who attended high school in New Jersey, for a generous $75,000 bonus. That type of bonus is typically given to a player drafted in Rounds 8-10 of the amateur draft.

3. A couple of VZ FA who remain unsigned who worked out for TX before July2:

•Two Venezuelan prospects to keep an eye on are SS Gioskar Amaya and catcherErnesto Leon, who is a switch hitter. Amaya is considered a projectable hitter with good hands. Both worked out this week for the Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies,Detroit Tigers and the New York Mets. They are scheduled to work out next week for the Yankees, Cubs, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Royals.

4. Another Profar piece from May 29:

The Jurickson Profar Saga

Friday, May 29, 2009 | Print Entry

Posted by Jorge Arangure Jr.

Prized Curaçaoan prospect Jurickson Profar is turning his courtship into quite an adventure. Though most teams see him as a pitching prospect, Profar is insisting he wants to sign as a shortstop, which has complicated the bidding process.

"He would rather not play than have to pitch," said one source close to the situation.

The source said Profar dislikes pitching so much because it puts too much stress on his arm.

So far, only the Texas Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles have shown interest in Profar, who starred in the 2004 Little League World Series as a shortstop. Profar has been closely linked to the Rangers, since they have shown the most interest in him at shortstop. It was only recently that the Orioles have also relented to allowing Profar to begin his career in the infield.

Profar has become so disenchanted with the process, according to a source, that he has stopped working out altogether. Most teams haven't seen him work out as a pitcher in several months. At that time, the 5-foot-10 Profar threw in the 90-92 mph range. Such an attitude has severely lessened his value.

What has also driven many teams away is that Profar is asking for a seven-figure bonus, though he is considered just an average shortstop. Texas is believed to have offered Profar an $850,000 bonus.

Of course a team could sign Profar as a shortstop and then convince him to pitch. One scout speculated that is exactly what any team who is willing to sign him as a shortstop will try to do.


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