Friday, October 16, 2009

AFL 10/16

Surprisingly, no velo data on the game today, however, keith law is there for the first week of AFL play and noted that Scheppers sat at 96.5 (95-98)with his first 10 fastballs during his 2-inning debut today. He came in for the third and 4th and left with a hold and this line: 2/1/0/1/2; 29/17 (58.6%), 2-1. His 2 strikeouts came on 1-2 and 0-2 counts respectively both on blocked balls so he probably got both on curveballs way out of the zone.

The thing to watch with Scheppers will definitely be his command. He does not have a lot of experience, having been primarily a shortstop in HS and his freshman year, only becoming a full time pitcher his soph. year and full time starter his JR year. His 3.1bb/9 his soph. year contrasted with his 4.3bb/9 his Jr year. During his year out rehabbing and training and culminating in his JC workouts and Independent League workouts/games, the reports on his progress as a pitcher were very encouraging. He gained muscle, he streamlined his delivery (and it was already clean), he added a slider, and improved his changeup all while maintaining his plus,plus velo. His Curveball has plus potential while his slider and changeup should be at least average pitches if the encouraging reports on his continued development are true. Scheppers did not sit on his laurels during his off-year, something definitely not lost upon TX scouts. With the strides he made before the draft this year, coupled with better command than he displayed during his JR year, he may very well have turned himself into a pitcher who could see ML action in the second half of 2010.

Also of note: Lil' Lemon played CF today (!) while Moreland made his debut at DH. He may still be nursing his foot fracture so he might not see much action in RF.

UPDATE: Jason Grey said that the guns he was looking at (he had his own I think, while also looking at that of a nearby scout) showed Scheppers hitting 99 twice!!


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