Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AFL, DGut, Churchill

Jason Churchill over at Prospect Insider is in Arizona covering the Mariners' AFL contingent while also commenting on many of the leagues top prospects. His AFL coverage is free (right now - it is a mixed free-pay site like Cole's) if you want to go check it out. I asked him what he thought of Danny Gutierrez during his tete-a-tete on Wednesday against Mike Leake:

Me: Jason, what was your impression of Danny Gutierrez today, opposite of Leake? Unless he was working solely on his FB command today in lieu of anything else, he seems to be pitching like a reliever with 49FB, 8CB, and zero changeups. That is now 2 changeups over 2 starts and 7 innings.

JC: ... better stuff than Leake, for sure, he pounded fastballs all day and touched 95. Good life, too. He pitches like a reliever because that's probably what he is. His control and command both aren't good enough, or at least haven't been to this point in his career, to close or start right now. The velo is there, the delivery is more conducive to relief work -- wasn't repeating well, but he wasn't a mess. Some effort there, though, but Leake has that issue, too.

More on this and other AFL action sometime tomorrow but I'll leave you with a question: How do you like the trade now reconfigured to be: a hard-throwing middle reliever who might pitch in a set up role twice a month (who might be ready say, August of 2010) for a backup catcher (2 years out) and a starting left fielder (who could be ready in August as well)? We'll definitely revisit this in August 2010, that is, unless I have a decent-paying job that takes up all of my time and passion and forestalls future posts (both me and my detractors are crossing our fingers)...


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