Thursday, October 22, 2009

Notes and Quotes

Arguelles video: Kiley McDaniel has some video up of Noel Arguelles and a top 2010 7-figure bonus baby, CF Vicmal de la Cruz.

Aroldis Chapman: Cards, ChiSox, Cubs, Mets, NYY, and Boston are the interested teams being reported as of now.

Evan Grant does the Kikuchi dance: Per Evan Grant, who can be forgiven for getting on the Kikuchi bus a little late, not being known for his prospecting prowess (after all he remains the lone member of The "I can't believe Feliz is being cast as a starter" for Men Club) Colburn and company got "creative" during the meet and greet:

It included a video presentation comparing Kikuchi to 18-year-old Japanese golfing sensation Ryo Ishikawa. It was, by all accounts, an inspired and creative presentation.

The only other club reported to have brought a prop was the Giants who brought over a Japanese trainer from one of their minor league clubs. Anything that works right?


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