Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapman Watch

Chapman Notes:

Arangure thinks bidding starts in earnest late November.
Chapman bio distributed by his agency.
Figure leaked out of meeting with Mets - beware the posturing: 60mil

Mets: being coy, some saying ixnay on a 40-60m deal, and in other quarters very interested; Mets have met. Now there is some talk that they are balking at a 60M payday - the figure leaked by the Mets to the media.

NYY: have a meeting
BoSox: Wednesday meet and greet
Cards: Monday meet and greet
ChiSox: still interested
Cubs: still interested
Balt: Afraid of being Communist apologists?; Baltimore, it is said, now plans to meet with him in 7-10 days
Oakland: grrrr...
Texas: Preller stuck in Japan...?
Detroit: interested
Toronto: was interested, then professed lack of qualifications necessary to be interested, as their scouting dept. is incompetent...

Chapman links:
2007 Video Compilation
"I think Strasburg could step right into someone's rotation and be effective," says an NL exec. "I'm not sure Chapman is ready to dominate at the major league level as a starter." The 6'3", 185-pounder led Cuba's Serie Nacional with 130 strikeouts in 118e innings this season, but his 5.68 ERA in the World Baseball Classic showed he's no finished product. "His release point fluctuates, and that can cause problems with his control," says another NL suit.

KLAW (insider)July:
Chapman, reportedly 21, has a huge fastball and has been clocked as high as 100 mph in international competition. But he will sit more consistently in the mid-90s in his best starts and in the low 90s in some of his lesser outings. The quality of his secondary stuff is a bigger question; he has thrown a slider that's sharp and approaches 90 mph, but pitches primarily off his fastball. He has the arm speed required to throw a plus slider, and has also shown a curve, a cutter and a changeup in past outings. Either way, the fastball/slider combination alone marks him as a potential front-line reliever. With his size and ability to hold his velocity deep into games, he offers the ceiling of a No. 1 starter.


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