Friday, October 16, 2009

Dominican Winter League Rosters

So I came across the draft info for DWL prospects from late August and preliminary rosters posted in late September. The rosters are surely subject to change and incomplete given that they were done about a month ahead of the season.

So here is the draft info. Basically, prospects proper, that is minor league players, are subject to the draft. I guess the parent ML team must submit a list of players they want to be eligible from which the Dom teams select from. Not sure about that part, nor have a seen any eligibility lists. Nevertheless, here are the TX players selected (3 rounds/16-17 picks per round):
1st: Carlos Pimentel (#9)
2nd: None
3rd: Leonel de los Santos (#5), Leury Garcia (#9)
I'll just say that I'm _really_ surprised to see Macumba and LG here as they have lowA skill sets right now as hitters but will be in a league in which the talent level is between AA/AAA with a lot of players with ML experience

OK on to the Rosters:
Aguilas: Borbon
Gigantes: Nelson Cruz, LGarcia, Strop
Licey: none (incomplete)
Estrellas: none (incomplete)
(team ?): Madrigal, JArias
Escogido: CPimentel
Toros: Mauro Gomez, Ogando

So this list is preliminary as I said but there are indications that the following players will also be assigned to the league at some point:
Macumba, Feliz, EGerman, EBeltre, Smoak, Salty, Bermudez, OBeltre and Jose Diaz

As for other players who are sure to be assigned to some league: Teagarden, Moreland (post AFL), Miguel Velazquez (PR)


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