Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eastern Flava'

Ok so, Kikuchi is out, but don't forget that there are 2 college pitchers who could still leave for the majors, though the fact that there has been zero press about them probably indicates that they are NPB bound: clg RHP, Kazuhito Futagami; clg RHP, Hisashi Takeuchi (the better of the two).

There is also a fringy prospect who does intend to come over:

NPBT: "Sanspo is reporting that Aomori University righty Shota Ichinoseki is looking to begin his pro career overseas. Ichinoseki is a rather obscure player; he didn’t have a page on Draft Reports until this news broke, and even Deanna has never mentioned him. There’s no indication that he appears on any NPB team’s list of draft candidates. The 21 year-old student’s fastball tops out at 144 kmph (90mph) and he compliments it five breaking pitches including a slider and a forkball."

Deanna, is absolutely the most obsessive gringa (or goya?) baseball chic in Japan who authors the dizzying site with its endless array of vids, stills, food shots, fan shots, box scores, play by play, and musings about all things baseball in Japan. Check it out. Be forewarned - may cause seizures. This site now knocks off from the top spot for "site most likely to induce vertigo".

No further updates on the status of Chih-lung Huang, the 22yo Taiwanese reliever that TX has maintained interested in.


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