Sunday, October 18, 2009


Latest update is up on Kikuchi's NPB team meetings. Apparently - and I guess i totally missed this - any and all teams can select a player even after he has been selected by other teams (at least in the first round - see NPB Draft Primer). Then the kid just goes with the team he likes the best as they are all limited to offering him the same max contract for a 1st year value of 1.65 million. Given the limits on annual salaries and bonus money (1 million), MLB can blow away any NPB offer.

His manager (err high school coach) says they will make a decision quickly, shortly after completing his meeting with ML teams, and before the draft:

And his manage, the omnipresent Hiroshi Sasaki: “Each team has it’s own system for maturing individuals. To wait until the last moment before the draft to answer would be an annoyance to the teams, so we should give a decision as quickly as possible after the MLB meetings end.”

I bet we start to hear what kind of money is being thrown around by interested ML teams starting on the same day the meetings start, Tuesday.


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