Tuesday, October 6, 2009

J2 showcase, 10/17

I think I might have mentioned this last month, but If I didn't, Jorge Arangure and Kiley McDaniel are tweeting about it now.

There will be a big showcase down Dominican way on 10/17. Mateo, Payano, and Arguelles will be there. Unless it is limited to certain agencies, you might expect to see the remaining Dominican free agents make an appearance as well. I'm interested in getting more reports on LHP Payano, who had his contract nixed by Boston(~9ook) due to some concerns about his shoulder.

There is usually not a lot of press about these kinds of things, but given the buzz 2 weeks out, maybe we'll get some first-hand reports, as there will be both workouts, side cessions, and at least one or more games apparently. My inside source for J2 stuff is apparently about to hang up his cleats, but I am hoping that he might go out with a bang by covering the event in person.

Another interesting thing is that it is possible that some of the Ranger's front office people will also be there (Warsh, JD - but you'd expect Preller and Batista to be there anyways) as they are supposed to take a trip down in the next couple of weeks for DSL Instructs.

Misc Note: There is a rumor from at least one source that (3b/RF) Rossell Herrera might have his contract voided by Colorado (550k). No reasons given, but his power potential was the big draw for this kid, with some questions about his swing apparently.


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