Friday, October 9, 2009

Kikuchi, Kikuchi

Latest news on Kikuchi, which is to say, no news at all.

It appears that the NPB are attempting to put political pressure on the kid to influence his decision by various means, which isn't surprising:

Teams wants to see Kikuchi
Japan's teams say they want to meet pitcher Yusei Kikuchi.
On Thursday, Nippon Professional Baseball's board of directors met and filed a request to the High School Baseball Federation that asked Iwate Prefecture's Hanamaki Higashi High School to bring the pitcher to the table when NPB's clubs come calling.
The school has said the pitcher, who has said he may sign with a major league club, will not attend meetings with the representatives of Japanese teams.
NPB also requested the youngster not meet with anyone from a major league team until after Japan's amateur draft later this month.

There is also a note that JD says "he's a player" or somesuch. However, as I've written before, and as Patricks hints at in his piece, just because TX has had its name bandied about in the Japanese press more than other teams in no way suggests TX is the frontrunner in the whole process. Given the pressure that seems to be ratcheting up from the NPB side of things - not to mention the fact that his high school coach is his manager in a situation which has national and international sports implications- I would have to think that staying in Japan remains the most likely outcome.


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