Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kiley McDaniel

will be going to the DR showcase this Saturday so we will get some first-hand reportage from the event. Right now, Noel Arguelles is generating a lot of buzz in his side sessions, for what that is worth. As I have written before, he is the best unsigned Intl FA (outside of Chapman) and I hope TX can squeeze Hicks for enough money to offer a contract similar to the one fellow cuban SS Jose Iglesias signed earlier this year (4yr/8.5). Both are Cuban amateurs reportedly 19yo and would likely start in High A next year. Iglesias has already reported to the AFL playing with AA caliber talent.

Update: I just came across some info that suggested TX was very interested in Iglesias along with KC, who apparently was the top bidder. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, Boston and NY both attract all the best Cubans and Japanese...


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