Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perez, Sardinas notes

Came across a couple of notes on Perez and Sardinas in BP. Considering the scarcity of info on both, thought i would just post them. Comparing Sardinas to Vinicio is high praise given Vinicio was regarded as the top SS on the market (not including 19yo Cuban Jose Iglesias).

Luis Sardinas, SS, Venezuela: Sardinas is actually very similar to Vinicio, down to the switch-hitting and body size, give or take five pounds. Sardinas is actually a better hitter from the left side (Vinicio excels from the right side), but Sardinas is generally thought of as a very comparable talent. While the Red Sox are believed to have overbid on Vinicio by a couple of hundred thousand dollars to lock him up early, Sardinas' bonus projections run between $1.1 million and $1.3 million, with the Mets, Rangers, and Rockies all finalists for his services.

David Perez, RHP, Dominican Republic: Perez is very similar to Jiminian, due to his velocity (around 90), projectable frame (although he's taller at 6-foot-5), loose arm, and his advanced feel for his curveball. Perez’s changeup and command are also solid for his age, and his bonus is expected in the same range as Jiminian, with Houston, Cleveland, Toronto, and San Diego involved, but a decision isn’t until a few days after July 2nd.


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