Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rangers interested in Chih-lung Huang

I had noted in an earlier post that TX had made an offer to a Taiwanese pitcher in 2007 or 2008, but that he chose not to sign with anyone. This is that guy. At that time, he was reported to have an AA FB that sat 92, flashed 94. However, given his size, (5-9 175) and age (23) he will be destined for a bullpen role. In addition, coming into this season, his velo was said to have been average at best (86-90, flashing 92), so, TX must believe that they can recuperate him in some way to have maintained interest over a couple-three years. He also has a slider and forkball. I believe he was in college last year but I'm not sure where he pitched this season, whether is was in college or in an amateur league.

His original asking price was 300k but he was offered between 100-200k by interested ML clubs. I imagine that he would get less than 100k at this time unless he has seen a velo increase this season. Indeed, the article suggests that he was back up to the low 90s at the end of the season, at the Asian games and in his WBC appearances, so he could probably get 150k. The only reason that I would like this sign is to create thicker ties with Taiwain (as with the Nam/Ahn signings with Korea; as with the Maeda/Fukumori/Ueno signings with Japan)to position TX to compete for future prospects with much higher ceilings, however few and far between they might be. Though, if he regains his AA velo, he could be a wildcard bullpen guy for the second half of 2010.


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