Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scant showcase news

Not much from KM (or anyone else) on the DR showcase as he has been without internet but here is the latest - if he posts updates over at BP I will repost them here:

Agency La Academia hosted well over 100 scouts in arguably the biggest amateur Latin event ever at a new complex better many team academies
about 1 hour ago from txt
Wagner Mateo is still good (oppo HR in game), Salcedo was impressive but still can't get in US, Vicmal DeLaCruz atop some 2010 July 2 lists.
about 2 hours ago from txt
Cuban lefty Noel Arguelles was 88-91 w/above avg change, solid curve & command & much improved physique. Too early to gauge contract future.
about 2 hours ago from txt

It seems safe to say that Arguelles will not be able to regain his velo anytime soon (if reports were true that he had been clocked 92-95) and may wait to sign until the end of the year or in the spring when he is in better condition. What a moron, that might be end up being about a million$$ eating disorder... Whatever the case, a 19yo lhp sitting 89ish with 2 usuable off-speed pitches and some amateur experience might get him enough dough from someone if he wants to sign right away.

UPDATE: KM gave an average speed for his gun and of those scouts around him to get at that 89-91 figure, whereas, some scouts behind him (behind the cage) clocked him at lower velos...


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