Saturday, October 17, 2009

Winter roster updates

Players who have reached their inning limits for the season will likely not pitch at all or only a few innings, eg, Martin Perez, Pimentel, Boscan, Poveda (possibly, Frankie, Castillo and Mags too). Feliz's innings will be carefully monitored, probably pitching no more than 25 innings over 6 weeks.

Domincan: Jailen Peguero, Madrigal, Arias, Frankie Francisco, Leury Garcia, Ogando, Omar Beltre, Engel Beltre, Feliz, Jose Diaz, Fabio Castillo, Macumba, Esteban German, Mauro Gomez, Pedro Strop, Nelson Cruz.

Did not see Carlos Pimentel on the Leones roster (yet) nor Borbon on for Aguilas.

Venezuelan: Fredo Boscan, Guilder Rody, Moscoso, Travis Metcalf, Johnathan Rojas (older DSL kid), Poveda, Jorge Quintero, MaxRam, Renny Osuna, Andrus, Martin Perez, Sarmiento

Mexican: Corey, Mendoza

AFL: Gutierrez, Scheppers, Reed, Garr, Moreland, Hogan, Lemon
Even though there is a 7-man limit per team, Matt Harrison is supposed to be on the squad but apparently is still rehabbing. I guess TX got a waiver for Scheppers or Gutierrez. If not they will have to drop someone when Harrison is ready.

TBD: Teagarden, Velazquez (PR), Torres (PR)

Other possible guys: Smoak, Chris Davis, Salty, Tracy, Gentry, Golson, Eyre, Benoit, Rupe, AJ Murray, Hinckley, Lueke, Greene, Lawson, Butler, Morrison, Ovispo DLS, Arrendell, Miggie DLS, Whittleman


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