Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blair Redux

For those of you Mavs fans out there who believe like me that (Donnie) Jr. made a mistake in picking BoBo over DeJuan Blair (and perhaps a couple of others), here is a quote you can chew on:

Brute force: The Mavericks got an up-close look at rookie DeJuan Blair, who was drafted out of Pittsburgh with the 37th pick by the Spurs.He rejected a Nowitzki drive in the second quarter and has been a consistent contributor for the Spurs.On draft night, the Mavericks toyed with trying to find a pick early in the second round to use on Blair.
"He was a great pick," Carlisle said. "My understanding is there were rumors of physical problems that allowed him to drop. But he's a fine player [with a] physical presence, athleticism, toughness and he's played well so far. He's going to be a good player here for a long time."


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