Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chapman Update

In a strange turn of affairs, Chapman has switched agencies at this late juncture. Arangure has the update and tweets that it might give the NYY an advantage since his new agency also has a number of high profile Yankees' players.

I don't really expect TX to be players for him. It doesn't make sense for TX to add that kind of salary (at least 8million for 4 years you would think) unless he can make the 25 as a back end bullpen guy or starter a/o 4/1. Now if TX had a new owner and an established 5-man starting rotation maybe you can wait for him to break into the rotation in 2011 but that is not the case right now. I'd rather sign a lower ceiling guy like Arguelles and wait 2 years for him for a lot less money and then sign Igarashi with the savings (why not?). If Arguelles turns out to be a mid-rotation caliber lefty, I'd be very happy. And the cachet of adding a Japanese and a Cuban to our system could prove a boon to recruiting others...


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