Monday, November 23, 2009

Nuggets from Grey on TX AFL kids

From Insider QA....good stuff -


Follow up on some aspects of TX prospects:

Scheppers: What did you think of the slider and change (in games or bullpens)?

Gutierrez: Has he added a cutter ~87mph? How did the change look? Gutierrez's response to Terry Clark (AAA pitching coach) that he needed to throw his change: "I don't need it." Any scuttlebutt on his attitude since the trade from KC?

Moreland: Any weaknesses as hitter that might limit his ceiling? For scouts who are skeptical, what is their pov?


goyo: Mentioned the change in my recap of Scheppers; did not see the slider (or the cutter he supposedly has) in any of the outings I watched. - was mostly 4-seam, CB, occasional change

Gutierrez: No, 4-seam, 2-seam, CB, CHG is his repertoire. Low-80s change with some fade; below-average now but with some potential. Did throw it a bit down here, so after being a little headstrong about it early, did incorporate it. No real negs so far since the deal.

Moreland: tendency to get big, but biggest thing is bat is slow. However, he has such a good approach and feel for hitting it hasn't been an issue yet, but could be going forward.


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