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Random Rangers Dump

Notes and Quotes

Bill Mitchell has a piece up on Scheppers and Crow and this note on who Teagarden is replacing on the Rafters squad( by my count TX now has a 9 person 7-man squad):

Other players leaving the league due to injury include Scott Sizemore (Tigers), David Lough (Royals), Austin Romine (Yankees) and Lucas Duda (Mets). Sizemore has a broken left ankle. Big league catcher Taylor Teagarden (Rangers) will replace Romine on the Surprise roster. Lough was replaced by outfielder Jarrod Dyson (Royals).

Nothing too interesting really except a demonstration that that the nature of Schepper's injury still remains a most elusive quarry to sports writers - in this case, "wear and tear", in others, "torn labrum" - while not diminishing their propensity to make truth claims about it, and from these, negative assessments of Schepper's future ("that shoulder could implode at any moment"). I wish they would simply grow some cajones and ask the kid straight up, or just shut up. That's what journalists do, interview the people they write about, right? Callis was even there watching Scheppers pitch but I guess he was too busy with, you know, pointing the radar gun and stuff...

Connor Glassey has piece up about the World Wood Bat Championship games. I thought that Mateo was going to be on one of those teams but I haven't heard any notes or quotes to that effect. Mateo was at the Bo Jackson skills thingy though:

Mateo, a free agent, hit an absolute laser that bounced off the Cardinals’ offices beyond the right-field wall that was rumored to have hit Jeff Luhnow’s window. The Cardinals signed Mateo for $3.1 million over the summer, then voided the contract, citing his eyesight. Mateo later blasted one that landed on the roof of the building.


Badler Tweets
Dominican LHP Edgar Ferreira, still unsigned, also listed on the WWB rosters
10:34 AM Oct 23rd from web
Wagner Mateo in Jupiter for the World Wood Bat Championship. Came in this morning to pinch-hit, laid down a sac bunt
10:32 AM Oct 23rd from web


Jayce Tingler Stateside 2010? Found a nice late July article on DSL coach Jayce Tingler. The interview suggests that Tingler will be stateside come 2010. During his time in the DSL he sees his wife once every 5 weeks!

Also came across a late February article on the Dominican Academy system with a quote from Tingler and Guillermo Pimentel.

..and also this slide show of photos Evan Grant took of the DSL academy in the spring of 2008!

Here's an interesting article on the Cuban National team in the WBC from March, with a few references to this year's crop of defectors.

Here is a cool blog series from Jesse Sanchez on his trip to the DR, Xmas 2006.


Grey on Law on the AFL:

"Keith also had an interesting thing to say in his Thursday chat when asked about the AFL: "AFL performance is not meaningful."

You know what? He's absolutely right.

Even a great statistical performance like Grant Desme's power production the first two weeks of the AFL isn't as significant as some would make it out to be, especially given the context of the league, which is a stronger hitting environment than ever in the early going (and that's saying something).

However, while the statistical performances are not meaningful, the AFL itself is very meaningful (if it weren't, we wouldn't have this blog), because it's about the hands-on scouting and not the stats.

What's more important than Desme going yard 10 times already is how he looks at the plate, how he is going about getting those homers, and what kind of pitching is he doing it against. What pitches is he hitting bombs on? How does he look when he sees a good breaking ball? Based on what we are seeing in his swing and approach at the plate, how do we think it will play against advanced levels of pitching? For the record, all of Desme's homers have been of the "no-doubt" variety and not what we call the "AFL homer" which is the wind-blown, ball-carries-well-in-the-Arizona-heat type. However, even that news is not necessarily meaningful.

This is where the underlying scouting of a player comes into play. We cannot be results-oriented when it comes to the Arizona Fall League. It's about the tools and the raw abilities where the value lies."


ESPN Rumor Mill

"ESPN MLB Insider Keith Law has informed us that sources have told him the Aroldis Chapman camp has officially begun receiving offers. The dicey thing here is sifting through what teams are merely interested, and what teams are willing to pony up the kind of cash -- likely in the neighborhood of $60 million -- that will get Chapman into camp.

A tentative list has the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Tigers, Mariners, Braves, Angels, White Sox, Orioles, Rangers, Dodgers and possibly the Cubs with interest. Of course, again, all the reporters we've asked said "interest" is such a loose term here. The Spokane Indians, ostensibly, have interest, but cash is king here.

The bigger question then is whether Chapman will start in the majors. We asked Law, who says he thinks Chapman will be on a Major League roster, but workload issues will be an early key. The Joba Rules have nothing on The Chapman Rules."

(UPDATE: Atlanta is in on Chapman as is Florida, a new suitor, and Seattle while the Cubs and Toronto are apparently out. Not much buzz about interest from los Rangers.)

AZL FAll League

AFL 11/2
Harrison 92-94+95 (once), slurve, change
may have been taken out due to injury/precaution
Scheppers 95-98, 2 curveballs, 2 changeups
DGut 91-93+95 (once), curveballs, one 87mph pitch

Scheppers in AFL


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