Friday, November 6, 2009


From Jason Grey:


"In his first AFL outing, he hit 99 mph three times pitching in short stints, and sat at 94-96 mph with easy velocity and good boring action, holding those readings from the stretch as well. He rocks back and forth a bit before delivering the ball from the windup, which is a little unusual, but there are no red flags in his delivery.

Scheppers' low-80s curveball has great rotation and two-plane break; the depth is just filthy. He's in the AFL not only to get some experience but also to work on his changeup, which is below average right now. But it's getting better as there is some decent sink to it when he throws it right. He has also shown the ability to keep the ball down in the zone and the potential to command his fastball, as he's been getting lefties out by jamming them on the inner half, spotting his heater well on the glove side."



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