Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Puerto Rican League rosters apparently have not been released yet, and one team has had to withdraw due to a conflict with the city over stadium use - their players will be redistributed - but I did notice that Ruben Sierra Jr was drafted in the 4th round (Caguas) back in the prospect draft in early October. As I have written previously, expect to see Miguel Velazquez and Kevin Torres there as well, with Miguelito being the only guy likely to play. Last year he and Torres served on a reserve or taxi squad it seems and never got into any games. Sierra will probably be in that position this year.

Cuban defector (~23) 1B Jose Ruiz is generating positive buzz the last couple of months during his workouts in the DR with some projecting him as a possible outfielder (prob. LF). No word if there is any interest in him by TX but he still has to be cleared by customs, a process that will take longer in his case than for Chapman, because Chapman managed to keep his passport while defecting, whereas Ruiz did not. Cuban team officials normally confiscate them during travel abroad and defectees might have to wait up to 9 months to confirm their age/identity as a result. Chapman's clearance took only a matter of months by comparison.

For those of us who have been following TX prospects all season, it has been clear that the AFL pitch fx velo info has been pretty accurate as it corresponds to the velo range players demonstrated during the season. For any doubters, Harry Pavlidis takes a look.

BTB's Jeff Zimmerman does a really interesting analysis of the strike zone as actually called by umpires that revisions the strike zone as more of a cross-pattern, which also suggests the inside strike is called with greater frequency vs LHB compared to RHB (though pitching inside seems to be your best bet for a strike in general) while the corners are not called much at all for either.

If you search hard enough, you can watch more live games streamed online coming out of the Dominican and Venezuelan leagues than you can AFL games though the quality can be a bit halting...

Update: the DR Toros are reporting that they met with TX officials last Wednesday and were told that they hope that Salty will be healthy enough to report to their team in December.


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