Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just because...

Chad Tracy's second halves the last two years:

2008 June-August (A+/AA)

2009 July-Sept (AA)

Though Tracy was disappointing his first 2 years, and his progress has been slower than one would like, he seems like a legit prospect. If you like Lil' Lemon because he's gutsy and cerebral you should like Tracy for the same reasons. Unlike inveterate tinkerers like Whittleman and Schlact who can't seem to make the right adjustments, Tracy ultimately settles on the things that work and his explosive second halves are a testament to this fact.

IMO both he and Moreland have the same things to prove in AAA though Tracy never seems to be included in the conversation. Given that both are defensive liabilites at the ML level, I think they will stick in AA to start off the year so they can both get sufficient PT at 1b/COF to improve their D; the OF, DH, and 1b are blocked at AAA. I'm interested to see how both guys do next year as a measure for evaluating future hitters. Let's be clear though: neither will jump ahead of Max and Smoak in 2010 and will likely only make their debuts when the rosters expand if at all.


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