Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Payano signs with TX

LH Dominican pitcher Victor Payano signs with TX**. He had his 990k contract with Boston voided due to some preexisting condition with his shoulder or elbow. There were no reports at that time of what the issue might have been. At least one Dominican-based source suggested at the time that the bonus was more than he deserved given his BA velo. There are as of yet no reports of his bonus. The going rate these days has been 250-350k but given the "condition" of both parties - health, money - maybe he got less. If he gets more, then TX doesn't buy the health issues which in turn might put into play the money question as well.

After the Purke signing fell through JD did in fact say that they hoped to use some of the bonus money to sign more international free agents. And so he has, signing David Perez August 24th and now Payano. There are still some interesting names out there, some previously tied to TX, and I will put a list together shortly, though you'll find a # of them already peppered throughout the entries over the last 5 months.

UPDATE: Digging around a little more, I found that it was his shoulder that was tagged as a medical risk but not why. It took him 5 months to hook on with TX since he failed his physical ~8/1. Maybe he was doing some rehab or strengthening. I'm very curious to see what the issue was.

**Inside Source: Dominican buscon hiding in the cane fields outside of the TX academy in San Pedro de Macoris


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