Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camp notes

Omar Poveda down for the count
Per TRS, mid-rotation prospect Poveda had some elbow discomfort this spring and a recent MRI revealed a complete tear. See you next ST Omar. He had his Winter League season cut short it seemed to me. After pitching limited innings out of the bullpen, he seemed to have been moved into the rotation for 1 start and then never appeared in another game. I suspect that he injured the elbow around that time. Not sure if TX knew about it or not. As far as we know the following players have been injured in Winter League play over the last few years (that we know of): Arias, Cruz, Poveda, Beltre, Max...

Max Ramirez's health via TRS:
"Last year was the only bad year I've ever had," Ramirez said. "Last year was a disappointment...both wrists bothered me. Hopefully this year I won't feel any pain. Winter Ball, it felt good."

Forgotten man, Geoff Geary via TRS:
Geary was available because after going through some physical issues last season. He had off-season surgery to repair a torn groin muscle and then strained his shoulder during the season. He ended up with an 8.10 ERA in 16 relief appearances for the Astros.But the guy in the past has shown he can pitch. He also wants to play. He was one of the first players signed by the Rangers last off-season."I wasn't going to wait," Geary said. "I wanted to show teams I meant business."

Brandon McCarthy
Evan Grant just posted the same story this AM on BMac that I scripted yesterday. The difference, you don't need a pop-up/flash content blocker to read mine. BBTIA has one as well. It is the hottest story of the spring apparently, a back roto, sub-90 RHP. Hopefully it gets better...

Dustin Nippert likes being the swingman
"I like pitching as much as possible," Nippert said. "I like starting but I don't like waiting five days. I like relieving but you don't know when you're going to pitch so you can't get your work in. If I could start and pitch a couple time in relief between starts, that would be great."

Jorge Alfaro note (Arangure, last October):
"Recently, though, (agent) Soto has returned with two prospects who have been getting attention from scouts. Catcher Jorge Alfaro from Colombia, regarded for his solid bat and strong arm, may soon land a bonus in the six-figure range. Alfaro is a converted outfielder who has attracted attention from the Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees. The Mariners appear to be the front-runners, according to one Dominican baseball source. Not everyone is sold on Alfaro, though. One prominent National League scout suggested that Soto would be better off turning Alfaro into a pitcher because he has such a strong arm."

Matt Harrison - Matt confirmed today that he did in fact weigh 265 coming into camp last year. What is more amazing is that he says he had no idea. Amazing. Forget how young these guys sometimes but after making his major league debut he spends the off-season eating cookies and not following his workout regimen. After his debut, when he should have had a heightend awareness of what it was going to take to be a successful starter in the bigs, he promptly gained 25 pounds. There were some questions about his lack of intensity and competitiveness while he was a top 10 prospect in the Braves system (and he's never been thought to have a good body). Those concerns seem to be evidenced here between the 08-09 off-season. Let's hope that his injury issues and a stringent rehab regimen last year and this off-season have crystallized the necessity of hard work, professionalism, and diligence to reach his ceiling. Hope this kid now has a clue starting this year and it seems to be the case coming into camp at 235.


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