Friday, February 12, 2010

Danny Gutierrez suspended

Once a boil on the ass of the KC org and now a boil on the ass of the TX org, DGut is a prospect moron by any measure and TX should be criticized for his acquisition. All he had to do over the last 4 years is act like a "fringe-average" human being to become a millionaire but that is just too much to task the young man with. This will mark the 4th consecutive year that he will have failed to pitch a full season and must surely convince any doubters that ignoring makeup when considering a prospects ceiling is stupid (I'm talking to all of those folks- you? - who put him in their top 10).

Though I had already discounted the likelihood meathead develops as a Starter after I learned about his backgound, age, lack of a changeup, and lack of innings above HighA, I think everyone else should jump on the bandwagon that views him as a 2-3 combo guy out of the pen. That is his realistic ceiling - say it out loud now and with no hint of shame. For disbelieving onlookers, you can tell them that this is the best (only?) way to get the arrogant $#%^ to the bigs(where he surely thinks he already belongs) before his next arrest.

I have already written a lot about this meathead in opposition to the trade and the decision by TX to add a low-character guy to the org so I won't waste any more ink on him. Just search the site for "Gutierrez" and "Dgut" to pull all of that stuff up including more detailed analysis of his suspensions, injuries and arrest record that people (still) so readily dismiss. Just in case you missed it, the disposition of his last assault case was rendered in the AZ courts in October where he was sentenced (in a plea deal) to actual or nominal jail time, alcohol and anger counseling and 1 year of probation (hope this isn't a violation) and likely a hefty fine. I'm sure the Lawyer rued his initial decision to go to a jury as DGut is not a very sympathetic witness and went for the plea deal. All this while he was finishing his community service sentence from his last assault charge in AZ last Spring (08?). And of course, TX officials were aware of this expansive legal landscape before his acquisition.

I will say that there seems to be some confusion. If you read JD's comments carefully - and, as you know, I am a stickler for rigorous reading - he doesn't confirm that meathead tested positive for an active component of an ADD drug only that this is what Dgut claims the positive test is from. There may be no way to know where the amphetamine component derives from so Dgut's claims might be unverifiable. So if you believe he got a raw deal, think twice, as it might not be possible for MLB to tell where the PED came from therefore making it necessary to suspend all who test positive for the drug (without a prior declaration from the player's DR). To MLB, pulling out a script post-facto is irrelevant. Just guessing here.

I'm busy these days so probably won't be posting too much until minor league camp starts....


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