Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J2 news and notes

per Ben Badler:

Victor Payano signed with TX for 75K (!!!!) after having his contract voided for 900k with Boston due to some issue with his throwing shoulder. That lowball contract makes me think that there might be something to the shoulder issue...

LAA sign CF Luis Jolly for 150K.

Cardinals sign RF Amauris Capellan for 450k.

Johendi Jiminian signs with Colorado for an undisclosed amount (prob i the 300-500 range).

Luis Sardinas was reported to have signed for 1.2m by Kiley McDaniel just after J2 while some days later Evan Grant reported that the bonus was actually 1.5m. The 2010 BAPH notes that he signed for 1.2m as well. Not sure what the correct figure is.


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