Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jorge Julio Ruiz

Arangure recently mentioned that Texas is one of the teams interested in Cuban 1b Ruiz. He is 6.3/(200-230lbs) 25 (not sure when he turns 26), LH, good to AA speed, good gap power (think DMurph) and some teams view him as a LF as well (and if he has the arm, possibly a RF). He has good patience at the plate but didn't hit lefties well his last season in Cuba (that would have been maybe 08-09, 52 games during the winter, so probably October through December or November through JAnuary for him - so he hasn't played in about a year).

Given the need for a couple of RH bats for 1b and LF/CF, I can't say i get their interest though he could prove to be a nice sign but will require a ML contract and big signing bonus, on the order of Tazawa's Boston deal or KC's Arguelles deal say 3 years at 5 million, 1.5-2 million bonus - just a guess. I get the interest but the kid's skill set just seems a bit redundant for TX.


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